salt falling into the water 

Under water 

She possesses more pliability 

a swirling dreamlike state

floating serenely 


like salt falling into water

the weight of it 

surrounding her form

there is elegance

in the movements of her

unlike in any other place

she only graceful 

when she dives so naturally 

into his sea

his salt

her preservative

in harsh reality 

So nightly she sinks into 

the warm place where

he could be seen

Her nictitating membrane 

intact from the other lifetime

when their seas collided

sinking their city into the ocean…

her haw allows her to dive without 

injury to her eyes

she lingers amongst

the thick nest of seaweed

covering her from his view

she can feel the lamina

dancing between her thighs

it’s holdfast on her unrelenting

she remembering the last time

he touched her 

she closes her eyes for a mere minute

seemingly an eternity where he is


she lets it play and tickle 

lap at her soft pale skin

with knowledge that 

he would find himself 

doing the same

if only he could remember her

the saltwater begins to stir

her fingers lithe

drifting through  

the warm waters

with deep longing

and a haunting ache

she remembers every 

touch of his lips 

on the nape of her neck

& the whispers caught

in the wildflower fields 

of her loose hair

she blushes a passionate pink

fragrant thoughts 

then come to mind

of the days laying naked

desirous in a heated embrace

hidden in secret meadows

 of their long ago summer

the thought of such intimacy

makes her weep 

her tears

fall like salt in the water

and in that moment

she realizes her gentle love 

for him will never dissipate

even if the sun should moved closer to 

their earth and evaporate

all the oceans of her sorrows

her love would remain true

she knew it was time to surface

the temperature

of the water cooling

her air beginning to escape her lungs 

she turns her sea blue eyes

towards him one last time

watching him 

swim peacfully afar

drifting in the current

that keeps him safe

underneath the waves

far from her

she will return

again and again

as she is unable to stay 

completely away

and as the sun sets


she will dive once more 

into his sea of words and tears

hoping that each time

he will remember

and that she will be found

once again

hidden among their 

haunting beauty 


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