dancing beauty

she fished around
in the bottom of her soulremembering…

en pointe

her gentle movement 

in the deep arch of her foot

as it turned into fluidity

& an extension of graceful beauty 

her arms followed suite

bending lightly to surround her chest

a single tendril of hair

fell upon her cheek

as her head began to bow 

she closing her dance

a silent pause

to breathe in the moment…

I remember me then

a gentle dancer

the giggling beauty I once was

a heart almost pure

barely scarred

I can still feel the barre

grasping with lithe fingers

& the dreams of soaring 

across the stage that filled

my mind as I pliéd upon

blonde wood…

I wipe the single tear as it falls 

from my dark lashes

and tuck it away in my soul…

yet another dream unlived
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prompt: giggling beauty



10 thoughts on “dancing beauty

      1. The honesty and beauty of your writing is striking. I often want to say more but restrain myself out of respect for the realities that stir these emotions in you. The artist’s way is often complex. For me it takes artifice of prose and imagery to “purge” as you say. The real heart of me is in there somewhere but I have to feel distant from it to write it and even more distant to share it. Yours seems to me far more immediate and raw and as I’ve commented elsewhere (as my other persona) more affective.

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