I sink into warm watermy bath

my sanctuary

and I lay next 

to a fire for warmth 

I have candles & wood

to burn…
I have a sturdy roof

& strong walls

wrapped with safety 

holding back

the harsh elements

of this time

of this world…
I arise to a beautiful

glow of the sun’s purpose

in great health

pulse steady

my breath seen

in the cold 

I breath & exhale

I possess

paper & pen

& lithe hands

beauty in my heart

& substance

embedded in 

my soul

so I write

in the quietness

living & breathing

all that I experience

all that I am…
I have been given

a gift

5 times

I have grown 

life inside my

feminine womb

hearts have been

formed and heard 

from the inside of me

including my own

and I marvel

at the breathtaking miracle

it is…
and far within

in the depth of me

a tiny ember burns

eternal & ancient

my flame is

water & fire

air & earth

it is 

everything I know


inside me

a surrounding skin

coursing through my veins

rushing in my mind

buried deep in my marrow

everything I am is of 

and with strength

for the day 


I know I am

full & essential



wildly so!


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