Intuitively she knew

The reality of circumstance

that it would never be 

never to become

manifest or postulate 

yet was it not borne


the moment

they existed 

somehow she sees

an alighted breathless moon

inside a pomegranate horizon

dusted by grains of ancients seas

have their souls not flown among 

glass galleries of stars 

in topaz, onyx, rubies, & diamonds

did they steal venuvian light

leaving Venus moonless

was that what ignited passion in 

their hearts

have they with blood red veins 

transverse the complexity

of time & distance

to come together 

and remain tied

Far exceeding 

anything humanly explainable

will they fully understand within

each other a sanctuary of radiant light

is that not why they 

find each other

again & again

each a unique beacon

designed to call one another home


Intuitively she knew

deep in an ageless soul

the mortality of her fated love

to know him

And to be so close

only to remain at a distance

holding loose thread


and waiting…


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