E lemental

I am 

I am well 

and deep in me 

I have always


why it happened

and that it could only be

what is was then

and what is happening now

I never meant you any harm

never wanted to be a burden

placed upon your heart

A destroyer

I didn’t know it

any of it

would be like this

still be aflame

this heart afire

I thought it only burned 

In me

Yet now I understand

it leaves me scarred 

As well as others 

this wildfire 


with hungry feelings

burning lips and fingertips

sometimes eagerly

sometimes in shame 

but I still feel everything

and burn too much

end up leaving lands and seas

scorched black…

yet I don’t try to contain my

fire anymore…To do so kills me

I learned that a few years ago

when my fire was relit

when I realized  

I had been a storm sleeper 

and for you

around the same time

realized the devastating impact

of a destructive hurricane 

meeting the darkest of harm…

i can’t help it though 

I just had to give into this

this part of me

to keep breathing 

and just let my love flow…burning 

And you…you must curb 

ebb…pull back in retreat

I understand why though

and I know where you

will always be needed

i did try to turn away

to grant you your peace

but it was killing me

and so I just had to relent 

release everything

surfacing from my deep 

to let it all float high in the air

taken to the winds

to be carried away

And thought maybe


you would be

released from inside me too

yet that be not so…

and now

I just embrace what I feel

what I write

of you 

For you 

To you

and sometimes

when I’m not in waves

of a dark wake


this peaceful deliciousness 

over takes me

and I know

you will always be 

beloved in me

whether you read me

or turn a far eye away

I’ve embraced you and 

sigh wonderfully 

knowing you will remain

a slowly aching drip of ink

on my pages

a charcoal penciled drawing

beautifully designed 


wonderfully aged

Forgive me

pardon me

grant me my stay

i do 

love you and every moment

I find you lingering in me

even awashed in my tears

here you will always be wanted 

you are 




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