Not sure where this going if it will become anything more than these few lines but the idea came one Sunday morning  watching the sunlight dancing on my wall, filter by blinds… 

She’ll be dead by nightfall…the only thought that runs through her head as she lays under the warm covers, the heaviness formed to her body, holding her still, she cocooned on her side of the bed, the right side. She can’t seem to move, to fling off her grey mood, the same deep quiet color as the walls of her bedroom.  It is a darker hue, more masculine she notes, especially as the sunlight, filtered by the blinds, dances on the wall above the headboard. Dark and light. Everything they represent. A forbidden light filled love, laced with raw dark need. Her eyes follow the delicate flickering for moment as her mind drifts to their Sunday afternoons remembering how light laid gracefully across their bare skin, such transient light that cannot be unseen. and the dark shadows looming yet complimenting the brilliance of their desire. She feels him everywhere. He is portent hard to forget, a constant barrage of black & white pictures capturing beautiful thoughts to behold in her mind…she has missed him in the hours he has been gone. Waiting…for him again. A heavy sigh escapes her chest, the rush of air releases tension ,and alleviates  the heaviness for a few minutes, that is until the burden of her situation begins to tighten her chest again. She can’t procrastinate any longer. Slowly she  stretches her legs and arches her back trying to drive the sleepiness from her limbs. She doesn’t want to leave this spot she wants to be in sun again…To face what will most likely happen. She’ll be dead by nightfall…her last thought as she leaves the comfort of the covers, before she begins to erase this life she has known. 


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