he is water

on my fingers

slipping through
I can not hold him

he is matter

the gods dangled

in my hand

yet found I 

am not worthy

not made of his time

or circumstance

he falls away

I glance to the ground


trying to gather each 


touching molecules

coveting every one of his atoms

but he evaporates

as quickly as I touch

the end of my

finger tips

to my lips

searching for 

the taste of his salt

I remember him

that way

when I fell

into his 

moon’s ocean

my body 

slipped so easily

into warmth

as if I belonged

wrapped inside

his soul

but was ripped away

by the undercurrents

my hand reaching out

screaming his name

as he disappeared 

back to his time

leaving me 

soaked in salt skin

and I lie 

here waiting

for the moment

of somewhere

when he comes back 

to me


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