place of forgotten…

I think I fell 

somewhere along the way

into a place of forgotten

like a neglected 

motel room

20 years past needing remodeled

where the sweat of desperation

stench of stale cigarettes

smelling of cheap booze and 

dollar store perfume

had long ago soaked into the walls

floors decorated with stiff carpet 

smelling of old food stucked to styrofoam

from a greasy-spoon diner

and well-worn lumpy mattresses

covered in stained bed linens

holds layer upon layer

of dirty regret & shameful tears

you can hear the constant drip 

of tapwater from the bathroom faucet 

reminiscent of a record player needle

stuck in the same groove

playing repetitive notes of some 

one hit wonder

again and again

alone side the constant blare

of muffled voices & sounds

coming from tvs in next-door rooms

talk of live action news at 5


gunfire, horse nays, and earth

pounding hooves 

of 1960’s spaghetti westerns


breathless moans 

and fake screams of pleasure

of low budget porn


nothing but static/white noise

reveals thin insulation

and poor construction 

of a long rectangled building

it is sad to be stuck

in a place such as that 

without fresh encouragement 

nor crisp newness

lacking vision and hope for renewal

broken pieces left

 to continue to break down 

in a neglected state

I think I fell somewhere

along a ghost highway 

on a back road

stuck in a motel

of regret and neglect 

lying forgotten in a dim lighted 

water-stained windowed

dingy curtained room…


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