woven for wilderness

I think the

Angels knew

the stories of my heart

before I was born

knowing I would

soar among the stars

& sink into the heartache

of reckless flames

that I would

combat pain & darkness

and endure an

aching loss of love & light 

crumpled in brokenness & shame

so when knitting my heart

they knew to make me strong 

despite my feeling of being only weak

they spun gold & silver thread

interlaced with Kevlar & elastic

and sealed the lining 

 with holy water

so I could
stretch & swell within

the ocean of my love

hold close the tender sentiment

when dark waves threatened

to wash shores away

to remain standing

while enemies try to 

seize my fortress walls

using poison arrows & silver bullets 

to withstand years of drought 

& still bloom a desert rose

despite being abandoned

without love’s rain

they know my design

sketching the eternal pattern of 

my celestial flight

my earthen plight

and wove me deep & strong

to withstand the miles & miles

of wilderness


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