come to balance…

I am off balance 
a slow slide to one side
tilting too far 
falling into a heavy lean
taking away my harmony
I must brake the runaway train
n’er to forget I have autonomy 
says my whisper to self
woman where are running to
you cannot hide from your truth
or flaws & imperfections
yet there is no shame
to be as you are
you are more beautiful a creature
created strong 
in depth and substance 
able to surrender
to love and its persuasion 
yet withstand a disheartening loss 
remember your soul’s journey
the ebb and flow 
be at peace
content to breathe in dark colors
grasp for the lightening between stars
embrace everything you are and 
watch the movement of your curves
step beyond your uncertainty
come back to balance 
be completely 
entirely yourself


6 thoughts on “come to balance…

  1. This poem speaks to me in such a personal level, especially coming from a man who is beginning to realize the importance of loving yourself despite the flaws you have. So much so, that I’ve written quite a bit, so be prepared to read through a self described soapbox moment.

    I’ll admit that I’m a socially awkward dweeb who’s had no luck with the ladies. What’s even worse is the fact that I am Asian adult who has never played the dating game. Which, obviously, adds to my perception from who I am has prevented me from knowing what I love. I’m overweight, I wear tacky clothes such as black graphic tees and jeans(it’s been a year since I’ve bought a new shirt), and I love video games (surprising right?). If you were to look at me, I look exactly like the type of the fat stocky, Asian nerds that you see huddled around the television screen battling each other out through some fighting game. And honestly I would say that I certainly fit through the stereotype. We excel playing video games in the comfort of our own rooms because we’re too camera shy to appear on “The Dating Game” set place in the real world.

    And yes, I have blamed the world for being too unkind towards my kind. In hopes that my life could take a turn for the better friends, family, and co workers have given me advice towards talking to girls and taking the next step into breaking into a relationship. They were all sound words, but they’ve never worked because I was too scared to know what the opposite sex would think of me. It was until then that I’ve realized the simple truth and that was (taking the words straight from your poem)

    you cannot hide from your truth
    or flaws & imperfections
    yet there is no shame
    to be as you are

    and since then, the act has provided an overwhelming post of self confidence I’ve turned over a new leaf. I did not know that the simple act of “walking up to someone and talking” worked just as well as everyone said it did. Because of the lessons learned similar to the poem that you’ve written, I was able to turn my social life around. It’s a slow start, and I’ve started during an era when many are beginning to start their professional lives, the fact that I’m changing my habits while I’m still young is enough to keep going, in hopes that the future would provide a dreamscape that would slowly morph into the reality we all experience today.

    I know that your poem was meant for a woman to prick up their ears and to ride with their heads high, but it was touching enough for me to start preaching to the choir. I feel as if doves are circling around me while the white curtains of Eden are setting the stage of what comes later in life.

    Alright, I’m coming down from the soap box. Thanks for listening and keep writing.

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    1. Wow!!! Your transparency is beautiful. Thank you for opening up your soul. I feel honored by this confession and I am very grateful that my small voice reached you…I hope to read soon of a young man who found love and writes of his love on his blog!!! 😉


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