Taken in by subtlety 
wrapped in dragon’s blood
steal my breath; catch it in your words
tie my moans to your eyes
sleeper come want me
use your legs; hold this willacy 
bring fire of sky to my plain
taste blindfolded wrists
swallow stateless electricity
sleeper come want me
fingers consumed by heaven
rest this unrest; collect my sighs
gather the distance
burn the silence
fade the miles
Sleeper come want me…

For He…

Photo: from Bing

O He
Far more brilliant
than any I have known
How must I 
convince his heart
he is truest of love & light
So tenderly I covet he
to my chest
So that he might cleave
to my heartbeat

O He
Long slow burn…
Tis strong 
Stronger this
I hunger
life’s fire & breath
I seek

O He
more an eternity 
my poet muse 
might my heart beat
and burst forth

dressed in midnight…

Let me be dressed as midnight
secret garden of dark mystery
loose the chains of drudgery 
for a little while… Anyway
Let me be black lipstick stained stars
touched longingly by
finger laced edges
burning a million miles away
Let my mind disappear in the 
shallows of black cherry vines
snaking around my pale moons
& the curves of my heated muse…
Can I for awhile fade beyond 
red-crushed horizons
and open my deviant sapphireed eyes 
spread wide black velveted 
coated wings 
unleash & soar in 
his liquid atmosphere
locked within cedar smoke
crystal eyes…
Cloak my eager skin in the violent arts 
Taste the ripping black tails
of whipping winds against flesh 
and travel the path
of stringed black pearls
woven around the neck of my milky way
let me feel fanged teeth
graze the arc of nips
trail his blade down the
spine of my edition 
around to the gilded valley below
slip stream into my black lace veil
covering my series of sighs
and moans as I fall & drown
in wicked subspace watered ephiphany…
No longer wasted stardust left floored
tiny flecks of glitter hidden in the
cracks of abandonment… 
Let me lie in soft sueded midnight 
smoothed-no longer a rough field of 
galactic battled scars…
Steep me in the shadows of sated sighs 
where I can become more than a
incomplete Death Star…
Dress me a drifting storm in 
midnight velvet skies
for a little while…Any way

if I let go…

what if my love 
what if I let go
will I disappear into
another universe
far more stunning
than now…

what if my love
what if I do
and I forget the
slipping home of our hands
the feeling of what we are 
what we almost touched…

what if my love
what if I do 
will I lose my pen & pages
will my words cede 
every feeling cut & severed
end up numb…

what if my love
what if I do 
only because 
you have already 
let go…

what if my love
what if I do
and our blinking cursor 
walks backwards
our characters disappear
what of our ellipses…
will we continue
still hold on to the force
stare deep into love

what if my love 
what if I let go
will we become a final edit
be filed under deleted
be punished as immortal

cease to breathe…

silk of words

Interpretation of the arts

I wear it tightly

so close too my skin

and underneath

this fire heats 

me from the core




the deep dark romanticism 

waves over my soul

and I drown in poetry…

my aphrodisiac 

my poison I gladly swallow

so thin this resistance

a simple hint of

delicious temptation

sinful nature 

the need be overtaken 

calls a maelstrom

I hold on

And ride them 

the words 

until my hair is wild

and my heart loudly

Pounding a thousand hooves

running towards a cliff

until I am breathless

and sated…

but am I ever…

and they write more

and once again

I fall into my fire

of interpretation…

my fingers 

begin to trace them 

gliding over burning skin

and slip into the

silk of words…

fire & water of words…

some words just resonate
rip your chest wide open
I am lying here 
trying to shove my pieces
back in
they don’t want to fit 
these ridiculously rebellious bits
bursting with fire
they want to rage
fucking rage against
the unfairness 
and bleed me empty
the words 
those fucking words…
so stunning
you know
you understand
take my knife 
cut me more…
so I can 
be reminded
of reality….
because all I want to do
is slip
The lines
the warm water
of their meaning
let the seaweed 
entangle me
until I am finally
steeped of anything 
what I am 
at this moment…


there are


a thousands pieces

ten thousand more

initially looking the same as any other

yet, in a lightening strike moment

 within the speck of light

 the edge catches your eye

maybe it has a slight deviation in shape

a deeper concave or larger salient

perhaps its color is more beautiful

a brilliancy

a feeling

your eyes can’t leave

this piece

with its edge

aligning to fit


intended to slide into

the other piece you’re holding

quiet hestitation speaks in your heart

in the intimacy of an inhaling breath

you find you mirror

the piece’s edge