a last photograph…

It has been a very long week
the loss of a loved one
is so consuming
and the process of how to
to say goodbye
buried or burned
family to arrange
the busyness of death and memorials
of funerals is exhausting
I don’t know if I’ve slept
I feel like I haven’t but
that doesn’t really matter at the
moment… It’s over now
we came to gather and remember
pay respect to a woman who nursed
so many hearts with her gentle hand
And it was a beautiful moment
My children are strong and brave
and said their goodbyes to grandma
they understood her difficulty
how some days she was doing good
just get out bed and seen how she
struggled with severe pain
We never hid the truth
of her health or her illnesses
we knew
they knew
her time to leave our small part of earth
was sooner rather than later
They say they are glad she doesn’t
hurt anymore and smile at thoughts
that she just might be in the heavens
running through a field with her animals
We created a photo album of her
many fingers grazed the photos
inciting stories of those moments
captured in stillness…
We’ve come to the last photo we have
she is sitting by a garden she grew
with her bare arms exposed to the sun
the breeze rustles her hair
her eyes looking down at at a flower
and her smile at its beauty is just as
As it always had been


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