illusion or never…

he awakened a field


with silver brilliance 

stunningly coy

master of words

that begin to

break dust

delivering stars

of soft water

his pen to her skin

she reaching 

from underneath

hard earth

for an ignited touch

did she ever matter

perhaps never

maybe it was 

just an illusion

his magic breathtaking

she can’t tell anymore…

it’s the way

he moves 

pieces across

the board

his words 

the pawns

to crown

a new queen

painting one

a scenery in

spring bright

as if she isn’t 

perfectly flawless 



5 thoughts on “illusion or never…

      1. Yes…last Friday…just didn’t feel Twitter was a place for me…the good friends I found like you I feel I can keep in touch with by blog and email. Saying that I may come back to Twitter within the 30 days grace but for now I feel more free without it.

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