Moments woven…apart

I remember those days

carefree laughter

floating along the sidewalk

As he and I stepped toward

nowhere in particular 

we were two pieces 

in a jagged edge world

that let us roam within the 


we could spend hours

in each other’s company

He was light-hearted

a sweet teaser

very kind and calming

yet ever hesitant…

I was more sensitive

deep & quietly wild 


desire driven…

We were friends

and we fit together

smooth and easy

like a long zipper

effortlessly drawn together

following the curve

of woman’s spine…

The hours together

were numerous 

simple but

beautifully consuming…

Sometimes there was

sweet silence

in anticipation of what was

& what was to come…

We could be found in

increments of minutes

where everything was spoken

in the span of 3-5 minutes;

the length of a song 

the length of a dance

the length to share a secret…

Time could almost 

stand still lying with him

atop the cooled earth 

under the shade of an oak…

But my favorite were afternoons

spent in full sun exposure

bare sun-kissed skin

warm & golden 

reminiscent of wildfire

heat created by the

movement of two as one…

I remember vividly

the potency of

our time together

hours midday

desires & dreams aligned

in moonlight nights

awake in the pink shades of sunrise

stolen seconds in the

dying dusk of red in the sunset 

There are lifetimes

where we fit

tightly woven

knitted together…

Those I hold near

There were lifetimes apart

my heart is still recovering

from them…


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