I understand why
you must remain
just beyond the wall
far off over there…
yet sometimes
the silence is deafening 
we share the same sky
know the existence
of the other…
sometimes it is an
unbearable ache
and I need to be
wrapped inside you
drifting in your sound…
need to feel the
force of you
spilling over 
covering holes
in my torn veil
leaving me
sweetly hidden
desiging me whole…
I dream of you
in the light
in the dark
over & over 
a thousand times
or perhaps it’s a
million more…
we stand
before each other 
so very near
your scent warm 
radiant heat 
against my chest…
our minds angled
perfectly aligned…
our lips just 
a slight
hesitation apart…
our breath
were we begin & end 
a lightening strike
we never tire of…
and it is there…
between our lips
the fusion of 
we ever wrote


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