dark truth of comparison…

I see your life
and the beauty of it
You stand inside 
a very well-tended
manicured garden 
surrounded by 
beautiful fragrance…
Sunlight falls into your lap
illuminates layers
You throw wide your arms 
call to the sweet rains 
when you thirst
and they comply…
wet your lips 
fill your perfectly
formed cupped petals 
poring their portions
for you to drink…
How can eyes 
not help but find you
& stare in awe
How can fingers
not help but stroke your
follow your curves…
You preen
and prune 
delicate flowers 
Strong trees covered
in sweetened good fruit…
and everyone desires
to walk among your beautiful

I stand in desert sands
a scrub bush
tumbled weed
worn earth 
full of cracked lines
in barren geometric lands…
The clouds pass by
in quick time
offer little shelter
hardly left refreshed
from harsh weather…
Wide spread background
too open spaced
with places hardly touched…
My aged cactus 
with a lone red bloom
hardly worth the view
a far cry from 
enriched lush gardens…
Perhaps once 
I was an oasis…
loved as he walked
among palms
and ate of passion fruit
yet there is no proof
I once existed as such…
Very few…if any 
prefer the heat of dirt
under their feet
and my parched earth 
only widens…only thirsts
shrivels more…
where has
my water gone
my river
my ocean
my waterfall
my generous spring…
maybe I am still
a garden locked
undiscovered map 
deep inside
the layers 
that time bleeds
and scars build…
And so…
At the edge of my life
I see your garden grow 
and darker
grows my landscape 
my stars
die out a little more…
and I reach
for the black veil 
once more…


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