silk of words

Interpretation of the arts

I wear it tightly

so close too my skin

and underneath

this fire heats 

me from the core




the deep dark romanticism 

waves over my soul

and I drown in poetry…

my aphrodisiac 

my poison I gladly swallow

so thin this resistance

a simple hint of

delicious temptation

sinful nature 

the need be overtaken 

calls a maelstrom

I hold on

And ride them 

the words 

until my hair is wild

and my heart loudly

Pounding a thousand hooves

running towards a cliff

until I am breathless

and sated…

but am I ever…

and they write more

and once again

I fall into my fire

of interpretation…

my fingers 

begin to trace them 

gliding over burning skin

and slip into the

silk of words…


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