dressed in midnight…

Let me be dressed as midnight
secret garden of dark mystery
loose the chains of drudgery 
for a little while… Anyway
Let me be black lipstick stained stars
touched longingly by
finger laced edges
burning a million miles away
Let my mind disappear in the 
shallows of black cherry vines
snaking around my pale moons
& the curves of my heated muse…
Can I for awhile fade beyond 
red-crushed horizons
and open my deviant sapphireed eyes 
spread wide black velveted 
coated wings 
unleash & soar in 
his liquid atmosphere
locked within cedar smoke
crystal eyes…
Cloak my eager skin in the violent arts 
Taste the ripping black tails
of whipping winds against flesh 
and travel the path
of stringed black pearls
woven around the neck of my milky way
let me feel fanged teeth
graze the arc of nips
trail his blade down the
spine of my edition 
around to the gilded valley below
slip stream into my black lace veil
covering my series of sighs
and moans as I fall & drown
in wicked subspace watered ephiphany…
No longer wasted stardust left floored
tiny flecks of glitter hidden in the
cracks of abandonment… 
Let me lie in soft sueded midnight 
smoothed-no longer a rough field of 
galactic battled scars…
Steep me in the shadows of sated sighs 
where I can become more than a
incomplete Death Star…
Dress me a drifting storm in 
midnight velvet skies
for a little while…Any way

13 thoughts on “dressed in midnight…

      1. You are most welcome, always great to find someone new who is so talented. Have a beautiful day! 🙂


    1. Wow. Thank you! No I have not signed on to wattpad… Just been posting here and on Twitter. I heard but am uncertain that
      wattpad has some type of claim to what you write? Maybe I was misinformed I haven’t checked into you. Maybe I will.


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