fate’s cloak…

as life continues to spin
it changes its trajectory
perhaps it happens 
just when you think
hope has disappeared
or wonder if mercy will
ever wake from her slumber

Yet in a blink of an eye
you once again see the 
gentleness of sunrise
and saturation of sunset 
there among deeply woven
days and nights overlapping
lies oceans of unwritten words
and a thousand storms churning
inside unpainted visions

That is when you realize
they were there
behind you all along
hidden under the veil 
of quiet yet brilliant cosmos
sitting high above
where they’re suppose to be
spinning silken threads
of iridescent hues
weaving each delicate strand
inside the fibers of fate’s cloak
a subtle embroidery  
mapping the unscripted
fight of two souls

In a flash of a
lightening moment 
you can see fate
anticipating their collision
she slips love’s cloaked beauty
from her shoulders 
holding it upright
ready to catch in its lining 
their hearts cradled landing

The moon and sun light a star
ready to stretch and spread
an intricate web of poetic beauty
and with breathless anticipation 
the fastening of hands is felt
as bound together
they begin writing
perfectly romantic

coming of undone…

you take my air 
deliver sweetly yours
back to me
can not pretend
I am unmoved
can not help but
fall softly splayed
opened uncloaked
before you
words to spark
an all consuming
library of fire
taking my hand
directing ink aflame
your signature
a sea of dragon fire
surrounding the field
warrior sounds
splitting moutains
parting seas
reaching your ear
claiming the
coming of undone