this fucking mind
how you betray
convincing heart to open
embrace possibilities
reach for the sparks
tiny flashes of hope
ignited in midnight blue
flash fire wild
sweet licking
golden flames
poetic pulsars
stealing my breath
but you; mind
you trickster
you take me into 
bordered territories
where rosewater reigns
giving my heart one drop
of sweet reality
coated in syrupy nectar 
watercolored dreams
only to pull the plug
of my honeyed ocean
warm love spills dead 
red bathwater drains
swirling into the sewer
at the bottom of the basin
nothing but piled earth
my red decadence 
lacking air 
flame and fire left 
alone to die
and kiss the dust
I must;
crawl tail
between metaphorical lines
dragging my heart
it’s magnetic pieces 
through ashes
back across the
line of hazing
cutting flesh & substance 
of an unloved love
bloodletting the unrequited 
forced to embrace 
knives wrapped
in barbed wire
and accept the
splinters sinking in deep
from split wooded limbs
knocking me to the ground
pitiful sight
my heart’s 
dirty palms & knees
layered in blackened silence
with all my mind’s 
poetic words 
shoved in my heart’s
unkissed mouth


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