the dying starfields…

See all the shiny stars

wish upon this one

here, catch this one

touch the dusted brilliance

bathe in delightful lights

…ok that’s enough

you can’t have them though

so here let me just 

change their projection

steal their starfield from you

it is not yours to have

but you can keep 

all the flecks and remnants

tiny star dusted particles

which settled

in the fractures

of your heart


Another one resurrected from the drafts folder. I can only smile at this one. It is not that it wasn’t painful at the time I wrote this, but now I can refelect upon the reasons for writing it in the first place. I am aware & know why I experienced things as they were. For so many poets and writers leave bits of themselves in you when you read them, understand them, connect with them, and then watch them leave…and you bleed a bloody trail from such beautiful losses.

Billions of stars shine…some will shine bright, some will die out, some stay the distance, and only one remains…he knows who he is!


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