mapping treasure…

The highway held repetition 
a low thrumming that can 
lull you into a trance
traffic was heavy
for this time of night
so the soothing thrum
was buffered by 
rushing of cars
in a hurry to get
where they were going   
I wasn’t in a rush 
I wanted to keep driving 
as far as the edge of the ocean
drive onto a ship
sail it for as long as
it would sail
wait to see
where it landed me
how many places would I see
along the way
would it only be blues and grays 
fields upon acres of sea…
truthfully though my mind 
traveled faraway, beyond 
wreakage across the seas
too far to make it there tonight
I am mapping a direction 
I’ve never been
a place to care for 
a place I could be lost indefinitely
and I wanted to stay there
linger in the groves under shade
where cool lips persuade me 
to move unhurriedly
for awhile anyway…until the 
rushing traffic brought me
back to the highway
I slowly started
folding my hidden map 
my treasure carefully
guarded being
tucked away in my
it is stunning


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