my writing afternoon… 

cars humming by
bees buzzing too
sun kissing flower petals
warming skin
a tanned hue

eyes that close
to dare dream again
about synchrony & time
and love aching to begin

Cops drive in the park 
to keep peace by
clouds floating across 
the blue prairie sky

basketball court wars 
keeping score
drunk guy walking 
he drank more than
an alcoholic pour

man with a wheeled suitcase
perhaps going nowhere
birds sweetly singing
Summer’s coming here

music plays soft
plays loud
plays hard 
healing eclectic mix
makes a soul cry out
splitting whole pieces
into shards

cry inside 
die to live
live to love
love again

the purging
pen & ink
flow out
returns home
my bloodstream

my heart bleeds
hanged on wire 
come ease
be cusp of water & fire 
sow gentle seeds 
bring bold desire

unveil me darling
cover me breathless
day’s first & night’s last kiss
write romantic poetry 
changeling poet
of deep midnight’s 
starry bliss

be alive 
this womanhood
break out
break the chains  
standing in sunlight
feeling loved
& understoo

will me peace
of a dove
my tree
my mountain 
capture me
raging sea of love
pour the water
an endless fish
lily pad pond
and fountain 

shaping bonsai
cherry blossom blades 
sleeping well worded asp 
forging bonds that last
writing a story the life of
a kimono & katana’s past

chaos & desire
wrap around thighs
fire of eroticism
butterfly’s soft sighs

possibility in sight
letting lips thrum
pulsars explode

likeminded poets
reach for the same
many hearts alone
writing & reading of pain
ache & love in vain

all this
I found
not too late 
not too soon

yes you
right here
beside me
all along
blue my ink 
telling & penning 
tales my beautiful
quiet afternoon 


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