never be emptied 

how often it happens
the wandering of my hands
to match your words
where light touches
the sound of your 
fall across angles
and urgency
bring starburst
into subspace
reach me beyond
tangible barriers
wrap me with silk lines
in the very place 
warmth of hand
language resides
essential and complete
never unwritten
or unspoken
never be emptied 
of me


7 thoughts on “never be emptied 

    1. Honestly…this is about how just mere words can cause one to pleasure themselves and how the author of such words writes for them…. May the author never be emptied of wanting to bring such pleasure to another with and through words!

      And also it is deeply layered

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  1. Aw, the twist and turns of this poem. Mere mortals communicate with words, and words travel a twisted trail to a finite ending. There is no path or end to the language of hands. I can tell you that I love you in words, but words of necessity lead down the path to a dead end wall. There they stay because they are just words. Physical communication has no path, no end, unwritten, unspoken, never emptied. At least that’s how I view it. ❤

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  2. Beautiful interpretation. Yes even after the words end… The memory of them
    The intimacy can still travel time and space. A continuum of some sort ends if no others are there to transport or to receive


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