one part of whole…

would you 
waste her
the one with
bronzed skin
golden by the sun
with an unzipped soul
reaching beyond
searching for more
so completely full
of edible substance
dipped in silvered words
left brilliantly dusted
from the outer
could you peel
your eyes from
her form
curvaceous firm 
fully ripened flesh 
or flick her away so easily
no concern for her
position or war-torn heart
this label is stuck 
no sharp razor can remove
no amount of cutting away
or bleeding wrists & thighs soothe
can remove what title she was given
unless there is one so fitted
to her jagged edge
intricately keyed & locked to her soul
is there just one…zigzagged part to 
complete my whole
perhaps then
I could
I would 
be safe to unleash
my fragments of love
give over parts
my soul


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