only then shall she…

walk her into heartbreak
abandon her felled in ruins
chain her neck in your direction
secure her eyes in a bold lock
tether the crook of her arms to her ankles
tattooing her skin in desire
then drown her in a ocean of unforgiven
drop bombs of starbursts
and burdens on her chest
wrapped pretty and gritty 
dripping in brilliant poetry
watch her wither and pale
pour out waterfalls
finger-tracing blood rivulets 
running down her torn breasts
suspend her in deafening silence
slam shut her gilded cage 
see her be stilled in the corner 
erased and deleted
torched and clipped
burning feathers lay in
piles of smouldering ash
kill to die alive to be resurrected
again and again
feed her more assassinating poetry
offer romantic swill
that will coat her throat
taking dominion of her breath
recite sweltering words that melt her sex
behind hymnals 
psalms and song of songs
hint of the finest vintage 
rarest sips of ageless love
give her velveted wildfire dreams
of tasting her flames
layer her with deep throated moans
then douse her in disdain 
roughed upped by salt-pelted tides
and cut by time glass shattering
as the last grain of sand drops dead
yes please love do 
do weave her in those
threads of color and shamed
for her pain and capacity to love you
and only then shall she
define dirt label caste


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