Waterfall writing…

Sometimes you just start writing (or typing) having never thought about what to write. Free writing, whatever you call it…I call it waterfall writing. Just a natural progression to let the words flow a river and fall across the page.  Never editing it. Just maybe correct typos. And so I do on occasion let the words come be as they seem fit to be.  Whether it goes any further than this who knows. It could be a story in the making Or nothing more than a moment, when I let words fall; the flow of my water

I think you could
you could love her
had you known her that moment
in the sea of people 
had time stopped and
fate turned your head 180°
had you seen the way she
watched you from across the room
locked eyes 
her eyes would have given you 
a thousand stories
had you stood for an unrushed minute
had you found hers watched her for a second
but you only paused
cocked your head to the side
as if you heard something recognizable
the hesitation of breath
your heart beat quickening
reminiscence perfumed the air
as if you knew to to wait there
to inhale
linger for a moment longer
feeling the compulsion to turn
it was a flash of a moment
a second in time
that stirring
the one in the far depth of you 
it was she calling you to her…

…it wasn’t suppose to be
not yet
time still needed to heal you
that wasn’t when you 
first met, the story yet to unfold
your mind yet to grasp 
It’s not your fault 
it was the accident 
that night by the river
you will remember once again
you will feel her again
learn to not shake off
the feeling so easily 
soon you will understand
become informed of her
the power of her persuasion
and the decimation as you
surrender under her hand


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