she turned 12…

This beautiful hellion enter my atmosphere 12 years ago today… My baby, my youngest not quite a teen in age but attitude is very much a 16 year old. Lol
She didn’t demand a huge birthday party, or a girls sleepover, or anything other than to just be with me and her sisters out eating lunch, shopping, talking about anything and everything, laughing and joking, talking about starting the 6th grade…Definitely the transition from little girl to beautiful young lady was so very evident in my presence today. This moment, this day was simplicitic, and a mom w/daughters intimacy at its most gorgeous best.  I am so grateful to have this creature in my world…

FYI: this pic was taken at 6:40 ish in the morning… So early for all of my girls but we just gravitated toward the dining room table and started our day with an hour & half convo… About anything and everything. Wow! Just Wow! 3 teens hanging out with mom in the early morning. Just because they wanted to! ❤️

My mom heart so full, wonderfully!


7 thoughts on “she turned 12…

      1. I get a lot of attitude from my adult daughters! My nearly 11 year old grand daughter can push her luck when she wants to too! , My other grand daughter just over a year old just smiles and giggles, holds my fingers and snuggles close, the perfect time in a woman’s life, before they talk!

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