when…why…I let you

when did I 
this coward
weakened stem
instead of bloom
faded in the sun
no longer tasting
the wind 

when did I let you 
take over me
entangle my heart
tether me to your shore
drown me in your sea of 
breathless words
words you pulled out 
from inside me

and even still
at this very moment
after everything 
after “I’m sorry but…”
I want to lay at your feet
be this beggar
for more of you…

when did I let you
tear me asunder
horde my innermost being
become air to my lungs
inject into my veins

when did I hope 
to walk in your dreams
and die inside mine

why did I collide
with you
why did I…
why you…

why did you…

my soul


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