this collage…

Did the scent of our love linger long 
cupped in your palm
I remember that day
you flipped your handover
that’s when I fell
littered the floor 
with diamonds from my eyes
that once held you
You could have swallowed me
tucked me safely away
I could still be the thrum in your veins
but you couldn’t…
am I in your memory or
just outside of it
a cast off into the pyre
perhaps I am scales over your eyes
you feel my roughness
a little bit of jaggedness 
gnawing your fingertips 
maybe I haunt you
stir the sea of togetherness 
your ghostwriter on your tongue 
embedded in your pen 
should I toss a coin in the fountain
make a wish upon a blue moon
would that cast a spell 
that I might awaken in you again
Or candles, should I ignite
a thousand
Lay the lightness
of my body across your alter
offer my heart a sacrifice
bleed beguiling
black magic perennials 
lining out my grave
No I don’t want eternity without you
but if you could 
give me one more second
another moment
gaze into my eyes
keep your hand reaching
teach me to kneel proper 
take to my wrist as that of perfume 
inhale me deep
wipe me from your lips
savor the last tear drop
strip me of something 
whatever it was you found stained 
so incomplete 
you couldn’t taste all of me
or didn’t bother to gather my words 
pooling in the shallows
you looked away in the silver glow 
touching sands 
slipping through your fingers
in the ebbing hours
this heavy door won’t budge
take your time to open it
or better yet filleted me 
so your fingers can know
my guttural moans
as you steal the marrow of me
rain anymore is slanted
comes at me sideways
or am I just tilted
off kilter
make-believe figures 
my pinks to your blues
in a twisted scene of life 
there’s detours
are we distilled 
perhaps we’re sunrise
early morning light and 
you forgot to flip the switch on
Just maybe…
…perhaps I am dead of winter 
blood stained snow…numbed
or red cherry blossoms spring
bluebird song with a broken heart
or I am abandoned in the summer breeze
golden silence with chipped
pretty orchid nail polish 
maybe I have ran out of words
empty of the feels
or I am just beginning to mourn 
or no longer anything 
or perhaps…
I’m this collage of before and after
yet still in the present of everything you ever needed 


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