kiss goodnight the night

Sad girl
you need to say goodnight
the sun has set and the moon is stretching to bring its silver light
it has such a softness
doesn’t it 
it brings a beautiful silence
Shh darling it’s ok 
the black lines are erased
are  washed from your face
 Let the warmth of water
surround you 
remember the womb 
The cocoon 
it’s ok
kiss the night goodnight 
is tomorrow 
a new light


7 thoughts on “kiss goodnight the night

  1. What a beautiful goodnight.
    It reminds me of my cousin 20 years ago when she was a little girl, always so upset to go to bed before everyone else.
    I love this piece so much, I need to stop reading poetry about children. I’m getting way too broody.

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      1. I should have put that together from the previous posts considering I’ve been playing catch up tonight.
        I still argue it’s a wonderful piece and in evoking that memory for me it really works as a good night to sad girls of all ages.
        It’s possible I may have been projecting my own nonsense on this but poetry is a joy of interpretation.
        Reading it over again your perpective is clear and being the talented author of the piece I love knowing more about its meaning and the stark contrast between my personal reading
        This is why I love poetry, writing to heal yet touching others in weird and wonderful ways

        I think that’s a long way of saying I like your poem 😄
        I’m not good with brevity

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