gift me a garrote…

You were that immediate 
gaze from across the room 
everything spoken in one look
a slow motion hurricane 
whispered riot in the clouds
and when you brushed my skin
raining your electricity
I swallowed your quiet storm

You came with an awakening
and gifted me a garrote 
I still feel you wiping the sleep
from my heart
while tightening the cord
it was sweet brutality
and I grieved for more 
and it’s choke I do not regret

I loved drowning in your wake
how else would I be here
In the now
leaking parts you created in me

I want to thank you 
for cutting me
this bloodletting is
healing water
and for leaving me
a thousand forgotten shards
yet never again unwritten
nor a tabula rasa

Because of you 
I have come to love
this deeper reach of me
because of you
I have become my 

a beguiling 
violent storm


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