Collaboration: kiss

So last evening I had the privilege to collaborate with a kind gentleman that thought it might be cool to write a poem  with me. I thought absolutely why not! Being that I have never really done this,  I let him take the lead…kissing was our subject and it was actually quite a quick process. So the poem didn’t take long to write. He had no need to edit his portion…Yet I, always editing something 🙄, changed a little on my end! He didn’t mind me being a woman that changes her mind or her words! Hahaha! Thank You
B’s words (bold)
M’s words (italicized)

My tongue dances
gently in your mouth,
my hand grazes
your soft cheek

I open to the ways
of your hunger
my lips full 
craving your verse

My mind is racing
faster than a bullet, 
Aching to slide
my finger in your depths
to feel you moan

Your mouth turning greedy
I understand its movement
its intention 
my back arching, I push into you
as heated moans begins to rise

Fingers are slipping rapidly
the ecstasy is the fire dripping
from your lips as I’m throbbing

trace me
lips willingly aflame
with the tip of desire
fire coming into me 
as my thighs began
to part in anticipation 

My thoughts are in disarray
Only the waves guide me
in whispering in your ear
that I must taste you

I am awaken 
by the breathlessness of you
part me
summon the seas
taste as I bend to your will

My mouth travels
to devour your wetness
Your pleasure
is my treasure

the slowing of time
pressing our need
take your fill
as I spill onto you 

16 thoughts on “Collaboration: kiss

  1. Nicely done.
    Interesting to see how both perspectives came together to paint a wonderful visual. It’s also intriguing to see things from both a male and female perspective.
    Interesting concept. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s interesting that you mentioned writing from a feeling perspective, I’m the same way. But lately B has been challenging me to push past my comfort zone to find a different source. I accepted his challenge and have since started 2 new series currently running on our blog.

        It’s great to have his input as we hammer out blog ideas daily. A fresh point of view is always good. Glad the experience was a positive one.

        Look forward to reading more of your work. Your writing style is very subtle but evocative. Kudos. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for chatting. Always great to hear how new ideas are formed. Plus we’re investing a bit of extra time to get to know our followers. We appreciate the love we get from all of you! Hugs🌷

        Liked by 1 person

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