my warrioress awakened…my sword out

my will to leave bed
was missing today
my warrioress worn and aching
wished to remain sleeping
wrapped in a shroud of heartache
for I remain so poignantly 
chained in silence 
from those I deeply love
and truthfully,
it effects me horribly 
sends me sprialing 
into deep sadness 
Not even my
beautiful sword
my pen 
my heart
persuaded me to leave
it is tragic to be seperated from love 
from those you need their air
to make it through the hours of
your day 
your week 
your year 
and my will 
so non-existent today 
such the ache of loss
cradled in the
depths of my soul…
until an hour ago
when came home
my beautiful baby 
my 18 year old daughter 
who is having a baby 
crawled into it (my bed)
weeping and sobbing 
from being put into silence
by the one boy she trusted
the parts of him now growing 
in her womb, feeling too her sorrow
who said he wouldnt leave
whom she loves 
and he ignores her…

I’m out of bed now…

…I want to go kick some little fuckers ass!