6:oo am confessions… 

and its realized
the thing she
didn’t want to be
desperately so…


open palms
stripped bare
of kindness 
words kill me
blood coagulated 
the hole in my chest 
action louder 
than words
silence even

and she implored to
the mirror 
No matter how it hurts
she vowed to not
feel ashamed & humiliated 
for her capacity to love
the mirror hasnt accepted
her plea
apparently the mirror
knows a liar stands before her

…and still 
as my head falls forward
My heart sinks under 
waves of shame & humiliation 
for spilling my heart
I think its an illness in me
Im beginning to question
why i suffer from a heart exposed…


where’s my inner iceberg queen
my cold cunt stare
my fuck off attitude
the I am awesome and 
it is  your loss mentality
where is she 
was I born without one
that push button bitch mode
instead I wield a knife
rip open my chest
and watch every single
male version hand 
take the knife…

I beg to bleed
too much
That I bleed 
that I beg
hate that it happens
over and again
and still i do it

I can’t breathe…
I think his
air is leaving 


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