is there an answer in no answer…static screams in hours gone 

is there an answer 
in no answer
some kind of 
meaning in a sky left
the expanse I travelled
was untainted in hours
where I reached and found 
each breath deeply rich
yet in this ever change somehow 
within this passage
this path lays glittered 
with black star-dusted remnants
of a fading sun
where light once quilted
abundantly thrived catching
sweet glimpses of renewal & a hope
yet this moment is left starving
quiet screams nothing of anything 
a flicker of static white noise
a glitch in the picture 
impulsivitive mind change 
breathes colder a clouded atmosphere
an afflicted heart once
caressed seamless & smooth
lays heavily deafened 
is there a reason
once in motion 
a soul alive in midflight
suddenly struck invisible
leaves another soul…

alone & broken



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