endless sound… 

And endless does
each space lay snow 
a blanket of white death 
each room built inside her heart
quietly shut down
under heavy lock and key
leave her imprisoned
ancient times; silent sound
everything she grieves
and they thrive in comfort


19 thoughts on “endless sound… 

      1. Every Soul has the same virtue but many Souls become only body oriented.
        Souls are all connected, all one so they trust.
        Some bodies are not able to trust themselves and when they meet a body which is full of trust, they start having fear and go farther.
        We all are mirror of each other, in me you are present, in you I am, all others in you, I in all others.

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      2. Hey beautiful sweet lovely Soul…. Thank you….. You presence today, your vibes, your feelings have given me reasons and ways to smiles again…. Tbh missed smiles for few months but am grateful to You now.

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      3. a little respite came when you needed it as you say we are all connected… i am so happy to give you a smile for the moment. All we have for certain is the moment of now… we either see it as beautiful or as ugly. Perception is powerful and we can choose to change how we view the moments of now


      4. We are all waves, small waves of the big ocean…. So maybe little by little we gather lots….. I needed little reason to smile and you came as a blessing to shower those…. Yes connected we all are thus we connected to feel and share….. This moment, here and now, the present is important and this was a beautiful present you gave of smiles in the present moments. Wish we stop seeing ugly kind, wish we all see beauty…. The more beautiful we can grow deep in the more beautiful moments we will share with others to make our and their life beautiful and the journey of life will be graceful, full of smiles.
        Yes agreed perception is powerful as we create the world we live in. We see ourselves in others….. Your presence made the present so beautiful, I am thus grateful to you…. Bathed in together with emotions touching all parts deep. Thank you is a small word but the feelings and emotions attached with it makes even thank you great.

        I bow down to the divine in you, as I see the same divine in me.
        NAMASTE 🙏.

        Hmmm hey beautiful sweet lovely Soul this heart wanted to know if you have a name on this journey of life.

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      5. There I see the ‘honey bee’….. Full of nectar. I must have guessed it, it can only have to be a bee which can spread smiles, a reason to breathe and its touch can fill life with joy, happiness and sweetness.

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      6. The pleasure is for both the Soul equally I see….. To meet you was written in script before, a creation of my World and I your creation am… In some other life maybe we left a conversation undone and in this moment the Souls decided to meet…. Law of karma, law of Universe visible again…. We get what we give, maybe some smiles I gave you in other life’s today you returned me as a present in present moments.

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