red keeps tethering me…

I write to you
of you
many words fall
as you step into mind

I have wrinkles and creases 
each lifespan
has withered and weathered
has searched me 
bled me in many shades of blue

how i desire to be fresh 
and excitingly new for you
but i have lived and died
a thousand times…

that does something
to a soul
something deeply carved
and richly preserved

I am a fault line
quaking a few lifetimes ago
and the tremoring is just now felt

would you open my palm
are you wanting to slip in
blur typical conception

perhaps I am only misguided 
fraught in dreams
draped in delusional

red fabric twisting about
my wrist and ankles
keeps tethering me in love

or am I only forever 
bending back over
the heart of never
what is there to be of me…


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