yet it is gone now
that small stretch 
of invisible thread
it was in her head 
the dream
she pushed into her heart
he couldn’t stay
because he wasn’t real
only make believe 
of something once
of love



66 thoughts on “unreal…

  1. My tears are now washing away the sorrow
    and all I can do is question myself.
    There’s no point wondering what happened to us,
    it’s obvious that our life paths had to change somewhat,
    as long as we are true to ourselves, then we must realize,
    this is a good thing…. To say goodbye, goodbye

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  2. Not at all we……….. The time wanted to change, the life wanted change….. There is a hidden mystery behind everything……… It had to happen, a goodbye was on cards, things were to be over, the relationship had to break, the journey is all about knowing Thyself……. It is not we just have to….. It is it had to….. Life happens for us not to us. The armour we carry needs to sometimes be dropped so that bigger picture be seen and we accept ourselves.

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  3. Spiritually perhaps, it is best not to think of letting the other go, but setting each other free, allowing the other to touch the lives of others, proud and sure of their beliefs as they stand in their life right now.

    I see that we are unnecessarily afraid of who we are without the other , but we need to be proud of who we have become because of the connection. Our growth takes place from within, our unconditional loving energy comes from our soul and we will eventually realize that we no longer need confirmation of our own thoughts. We are where we are and they in there place. Law of Universe , if we and they are both true to our souls, we and they will become the best mortals in the world.

    (Oops too much I see….. Hey *forwards a glass of water *)

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      1. That is so sweet of you saying that…. On the path of Spirituality from the day I came to realize the inner Dom I am…. Was confused and choosed the path and was walking like a wild beast….. Suddenly became a bird caged in dreams of dreams with dreams….. A sudden hit back, some 90+ days tears, 90+ sleepless nights.. And I felt and realized a strong reason is there for everything what life gifts… Accepting it and been grateful towards it is the way we can attract what we really want.

        (this has nothing to do with the related topic but my heart was asked by the Soul to let the Soul you carry to know a bit of background) – – – I am firm believer we attract those Souls whom we met on the journey even before we started the journey in this body.

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      2. And I don’t think I am wise to say words of wisdom…… These are some lessons learned by walking and many from Souls I have met till now and also your poetry has so much to teach and grow in the spiritual life…… Poetry explains life… Poetry is feminine, it is receptive and our heart is feminine too, receptive…. In silence we hear the heart and in silence poetry speaks to heart and the Soul knows it…. Thus thank you for having allowed me to meet you on the journey of life…. Grateful to you….. NAMASTE πŸ™

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    1. Grateful that you have words to write back…. Grateful to you for supporting…… Grateful you allowed me to meet you on the path….. Grateful that you find words of this Soul, lovely…… Grateful that you like to read and grateful that you have advice.

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      1. Grateful to Source and grateful to you for letting me have a cup of tea…. And grateful to you for been there to send positive vibes as I start my day today….. NAMASTE πŸ™

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      2. Before going to bed,sit down and say I am blessed and am grateful for whatever I have….I am abundance….I am love, I am happy…. I am what I am and I am grateful to Universe for giving me all and u thank Source for making my desires come true.
        Just have these thoughts and go to bed.


      1. Nothing in the our own created world is hard and harsh…. And hey I know You are more stronger, more braver then you think…. So yes I trust you can handle whatever….. Proud of you beautiful sweet lovely Soul.
        Day started beautifully I think because we drank water together (lol) – – – – the afternoon was a bit hard as it was time when once I talked to my dreams…… Evening has started great……. And night will be lovely on big bed πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜‡ though hours to go before I get the bed…. Another 3 hours of work for today.

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      2. So how can I miss…… My love is unconditional, my love is flowing…. I used to and at times do…. But not every moment like before….. Let going past took and takes time but to be a flower again to spread fragrance again I need a fertile land and past won’t help….. (I actually was getting bit naughty, checked on myself and didn’t complete the sentence)….. I am becoming who I am again….. Freak but honest, blunt and true.

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      3. Well eyes are mirror in which we see ourselves…….. We see the other from our perception and thus create a picture of the other, create a world…. In your eyes I see that you see people with love, affection, kindness, consideration thus I had to be grateful to those eyes…. Eye is the gateway into the heart. And our eyes tells the other who we are….. In silence things of heart are heard.

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      4. I am peace, I am beauty and blessed by wishes of a beautiful sweet lovely peaceful Soul….. Thank you….. Hey wait you haven’t drunk water again…. 3-4 litres till you go to bed. Promise me

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      5. Yes letting go past….. Forgiving the other and self…. Asked forgiveness from the Soul….. Love is not a cheap word I used when I said” I love you”…. I meant it from every inch of my body and each drop of blood, from heart from Soul…. But maybe time was not right or lessons were left to be learnt, she had to go, leave me but not her fault….. I love her yes but I am love so I love all.
        New intentions – – – to be happy, to be simply me, to be who I am in reality, to love more, to love again, to experience again, to be loved again, to dream again but this time not getting too attached – a lesson learnt, give my heart to someone with unconditional love….. Hmmm these intentions is what I was talking about…… Hey your?mark asked or thought something else…
        And hey your eyes are Mirror, an Angel in them seen. A powerful Warrior, a Wounded Female with divine supreme power.

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      6. Letting go is freeing… but for some there still exist a tie held by a tiny thread where every once in awhile a vibration runs the length of the thread…tugs one in there direction for a moment. We just never forget some people.

        My question mark was only to ask what your comment was about. I actually was thinking along the same lines as what you stated.

        Do nit place limitations on yourself or love… you say not getting attached again but that puts you in a box of sorts and life is more than inside a box…

        I have never received such a beautiful compliment concerning my eyes! Wow


      7. Just watching the basics again here and there. See that they are in a constant state of love. How could they possibly be so joyful? Because they’re in harmony with the source.
        Choicelessness is what I see letting go as now, just allowing Source to bring what it wants for me because we attract what we are… So first trying to set intentions rights, change some BS cultivated….. Yes there is a thread but we cannot pull hard the thin tiny thread can we…. Agree to you we cannot forget some but it is the people it is all about the memories of them and us…
        Just was not curious much about your question mark, honestly because to the Soul you carry this Soul freely open up and you can see that clearly. In reality sometimes I feel opening up is one reason why I got hurt but then why to hide something just letting go all I am….. I trust myself and thus have no trust issues… This is me who I am.
        Not placing limitations because life and love are not limited they are vast and we can never ever know them in just few journey or say we can never know it… But that is the beautiful mystery not knowing thus wanting to know by experiencing it….
        Love becomes attachment when there in reality is no love…. Attachment becomes reality and love becomes foreplay.
        Not putting myself inside a box thus preparing not to be attached. Inside a box is where misery, pain, hurt comes…. Love is endless process…. Ready to the love who needs love and keeping both free, giving each other freedom to explore life…. Love is not to be attached, attachment is created when we possess……… all duality is created by the clinging and attached mind. When there is no attachment there is no duality.

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