she’s the warmer
the starter and 
space in between
the break line in the sidewalk
her square a temporary homeport
its taken her months
just to walk a fresh few feet
and as they step in
then jump out
readied for beyond
she the therapist 
and ego inflator
she’s the session
they never need
yet take their fill
and flee
soar away in love
with some other
after creeping in
and she the free passageway
from broken to repair…
back to radio silence
the marking of 
a temporary end 
until the next 
charge enters


One thought on “temporary…

  1. The moment I am free from the weak hearted
    I realize my own inner beauty and strength
    Yes looking for a charger to charge me again
    But full of promises to give bright light in return
    Self therapist without ego inside I am
    Only the brave hearted can accept the real me
    Walked under the sky on green grass alone
    Knowing what I am made up of, only love
    Thus ready to be charged again, ready to mingle again


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