she would have…

the back of her hands
how would age 70 lay?
perhaps light blush or deeper rosé
I still need her on these kind of days
my heart torn 
my mind worn
sun out; no rays
I needed her arms today
shhhhh my beautiful darling
pay no mind
she might say
theres more paths to take 
go pave the way 
Yes lack of love is very cruel
bone breaking 
heart shattering cruel
but she can’t say
nor wipe away the stain
or tears of pain
she would have eased my strain
had she not been 1525.5 miles
and six feet


11 thoughts on “she would have…

  1. I’m in tears right now after reading this M….. My heart goes out to you and I just wish I could give you a hug and tell you everything will be ok. This poem is beautiful M…. I know your mother would be so proud of how amazingly talented you are. xoxo

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    1. You wonderful beautiful friend thank you!
      She would have been 70 yesterday
      she died at age 38
      having never really known
      how much she was needed…
      so many mistakes I made
      and needed a mother’s love
      to right the wrong
      ease the suffering and pain
      and even now i wish
      her hand was holding
      my hurting heart

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      1. Oh M….. I’m so sorry you lost her…. especially at such a young age. I got to visit with my mother this week, for the first time in 3 years. I’m saying goodbye to her today, and it’s never easy to leave her. 2,000 miles apart is what lays between us and we never have the chance to say all we need to say. I feel your sorrow M….. Love you….. ❤️ xo

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