beautiful sadness drops
wrinkled pages in dirt
breathlessly clawing at thin air
deeply suffocating
winds breaking limbs
storms ripping skin
you loosed your cruelty 
ever leaving scars
this heart…cold

dreams don’t come true


7 thoughts on “

  1. Not any way trying to be a master here
    Know how a heart feels
    Understand the emotions which run by
    Thus offering a hand of help
    Will be grateful if you do
    Will be blessed if you accept
    No desire of wanting you
    But a need to be with you
    Need is what heart says
    Wants are making of the mind
    Love I am full of nectar here
    Want to be sucked by you
    Blessing it will be for me.
    If this Soul is of any use
    If one soul this Soul can make happy
    Oh a life I will have lived.

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      1. What I never do is
        Try and think lots to say
        Allow myself to flow.
        While flowing words come by
        Goes to heart not to mind
        Gets filtered out there.
        Mind cannot play anymore.
        From owner it is servant now
        Gave it authority for very long
        But it did not help me dear
        Asked it so many times.
        It never listened to me dear
        One way I knew to be happy again
        Was by not listening to it anymore
        Words thus got to the heart
        Soul over came the mind soon
        Now whatever I say is not me.
        Words from Source flow
        I am not anyone here
        Mirror of mirror I feel to be
        Say what is needed to say
        Never try to say what we want
        Love myself more and more.
        To spread love for others too
        As human will love all
        As lover die for be loved
        But die also after she is strong
        So that even if I am not.
        She will love herself for who she is

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