brave new world…

to those I had love/love I wish I was able… if only I had been strong…



One thought on “brave new world…

  1. You are a thought away
    Just a change in self
    You are more stronger
    Stronger then you think
    Braver then you know
    A look into self.
    With the mirror in front of you
    Self is known
    Love is what you are
    Life is love dear
    A step into unknown
    Thus fears are there
    The mind stays in past
    The ego loves future
    See yourself in the other
    The other who sees you in him
    Love is all you will see
    Love is all what you will feel
    The vibes will take you there
    When his vibes you listen
    Don’t question yourself again
    Allow answers to go deep
    Trust the Universe can you
    The Source is willing to help
    Thee himself is with you
    Nature is all love


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