All hallows eve…such a bitchy fright

Suddenly it grew dark & twisted
a torment of baffling bullshit
their voices raising hell
Exasperating sighs
talking insistently 
only wanting their way tonight
oh my gawd seriously
must you have an awful attitude
be such a fright
My kindness, logic & reasoning not reaching them tonight
aggravation heightened 
I could only breathe
gripping my weapon tighter
slow my breathing 
not loosen my mouth
be the sweetest bee
insteand of unleashing my sting
on all these bitchy people
I have encountered this all hallows eve night! 

deliver me into the witching hour quickly

*Seriously I think some poeple need to lay off the sugar tonight. There are some extremely bitchy & argumentative people on the phone tonight…🙄 hurry up night get over with!!!


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