pondering/questioning something…

Can I lose something I’ve never had?
If I didn’t have something per se, what if rather than have, I experienced it…can that be something I lose? And in that experience can I not feel loss when it is no longer available?  If so, isn’t that something then lost? And, in a sense, isn’t it then, mine? So I wonder is that something, that is an experience, now no longer something I never had but in fact something I had because I had experienced it? Is in now considered mine? What makes it mine? What if someone else experiences the same something? Is it both ours? So I ask can I lose something that wasnt mine, or yet isn’t it mine?


17 thoughts on “pondering/questioning something…

  1. The thing was ours in a thought and when the thought appears it is not ours we lose the thing…. A thought of not ours is which makes us lose it when a thought it is our was formed… A thought makes it our, a thought makes it lose it, a thought makes us happy, a thought makes us sad, a thought after all it is…… In just a thought we can smile and in the same thought we can cry…. Thoughts need to be expressed….. If thought accepted good if not let it go… Keeping thoughts is good as far as thought doesn’t rule us.

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      1. The experience also developed due to a thought…… I need that, a thought… Got the thing experience… Attached is the action… Lost it action again…. Now feeling sad the experience…. But the start was just a thought

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      2. No experience or thing comes to us without a thought about it…. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t realize life happening to us… In the subconscious mind thoughts are stored if we are busy in conscious state but once the conscious mind is at rest the subconscious mind works. All that happens is our projection

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      3. Uh i got into a car accident a ling time ago..i experienced that car accident. Are you saying I conjured up that accident in my subconscious? Really? I was raped too…is it my thoughts that got me raped? I don’t think so!!!


      4. In a positive way of thinking – we want something to happen, we expect a positive outcome and so, we are thinking on a positive outcome- simple as that. We are using a positive to get a positive.

        In a non-positive way of thinking – we want something to happen,we expect a positive outcome and so, we are not thinking of a positive outcome to happen – instead we are thinking of a negative outcome not to happen. – Now that is not simple. We are using a negative to get a positive.

        In the former case, if we were to analyse, what were we thinking, then we are thinking of a positive outcome to occur. Also, the emotion that drives the positive outcome is a positive emotion – namely hope and sometimes confidence and joy.

        In the later case, we are thinking of a negative outcome not to happen. And, the emotion that drives the thought of the negative outcome is a negative emotion – namely fear and sometimes, dislike, insecurity and sadness.

        As per LOA, think, visualize and expect the same thing / outcome we want. Do not think one thing and expect another.

        We might be thinking something like I should not be late for the meeting, when in reality, we do not want to be late for the fear of an angry scolding from the boss, insecurity issues etc., Many reasons.

        We are not sending positive vibes to the universe with the non-positive thought – we are sending our own insecurities, fear etc., into the universe. As per LOA, if we send positive thoughts for positive outcomes fuelled with positive emotions, we will get positive outcomes. On the other hand, send negative thoughts for positive outcomes fuelled with negative emotions and we will get negative outcomes.

        Sometimes, our actions might be the reason. If we ask for something and we do not do anything that is coherent to it, then the opposite can happen.

        I loved my Soul Mate and I used to always say in mind please don’t make her cheat me, please don’t separate her from me… A wish this was But watch the inner feeling, the thought It was negative… It was saying she may cheat or we will be separated… The Universe does not hear or understand No it only hears Yes… So it reacts according to the emotions which are flowing in us as in the case of mine…. Maybe when you heard or show others been raped you were saying I must never be raped but your emotions were fear inside thinking I may be raped too…. Hope You understand this…. It is all about what is going in not outside. It is Law of Attraction on which Universe works…. It works on emotions going in us, the thoughts it is.


      5. You just diminished/ negated/dismissed in 2 minutes of writing of what i have spent 31 years trying to get to… which is it wasn’t my doing, or my fault, nor my thinking that got me raped!!!!


      6. I never meant to disturb the inner peace or create turmoil in you…. I only stated the law of Universe…. Either we accept or not, the law stays that way….. Sorry if you felt otherwise or felt offended but I only answered to that what I was saying about thought…..


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