cut up pieces…

Let it wash over me
let me feel every bit of it
let me recognize this moment
take on; understand the truth of it
revel in the aching quiet
smell it covering my skin
soaking into memory
swallowed; gutted
inhale; lingered in lungs
push into my veins 
brine my blood in abandonment
cut out my overwhelming duality
dry up this ocean
drown my firestorm 
keep me here in this state 
dark and brooding
hopeless sobs and burning tears 
stilled even longer gasps choking me
steal everything…all I desire
this second hand of time; a mannequin 
the hours; broken 
ribs; stripped of meat 
my heart lost in trusting 
disputes between giver & beggar of more
evey cell flashing vacancy 
flip this switch to NO
deposit pulsars in my eyes 
blind myself from needing love
never thought 
never mind
never land
never more
bring this all unto me
wide arms and open
to accept 
everything I am in this moment
so that when there is more
incoming missiles of sexed eagerness 
throwing hearted daggers
I will remember every line of poetry
written here 
in this now
at that time to come 
and never give anyone permission 
to leave me here wrecked words
wasting my love
a tossed diamond in the rough
in the grinder
dusting my soul with crystal molecules
of raked through cruel silence 
I am ruins 
fragmented rubble
with a salvage title given 
to me as I ever remain his/theirs/everyones
unimportant matter…

I am completely cut up pieces of
their choosing..

and red blood poured


10 thoughts on “cut up pieces…

  1. I just read this again. This is my favorite of yours so far. So much going on. A great poem begs you not to leave it…such as it is with this piece. Makes my imagination fly into wondrosity! (no, not a word, but it works for me lol)

    Liked by 1 person

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