They were 


To be trashed…

My previous



34 thoughts on “trashed/deleted

  1. Well I read them both, since they came through in my email….. Why did you delete them M? You poured your heart out on the page and it was quite lovely…. I can always relate to your words….

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    1. Honestly i just didn’t want to give anymore part of me to someone who cares nothing about me or my heart…and it wasn’t a sad loss that I experienced but more of a disappointment… and i didn’t realize the difference until I wrote this morning and decided it was as it was…and that too many others are here to love and support me, genuinely, having know far less than this person and caring far more than this person ever did!

      So i deleted… cleansed my palate

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      1. Sometimes it isn’t worth our breath…. is it M…. Glad you are just putting the whole thing behind you and moving forward. If someone doesn’t appreciate you, it’s definitely time to move on…..

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