eventually unread…

I keep wondering how long
I can continue
being unimportant 
why settle
why put myself in harms way
is it belief I don’t deserve better
or do I enter open doors 
with optimism expecting it 
will be different everytime
It is not though
I sit in my pool of words and ink
dripping onto pages eventually


9 thoughts on “eventually unread…

  1. I know this, so true too
    Silence envelops, sadness ensues
    What once was felt as thoughts did meld and melt
    Into each and one another
    Now dry in tears cried as passion spent and sent twas smothered
    By a violence
    Of silence…

    Take care M x, we all need somebody who truly cares to share

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  2. Oh, indeed silence is violent! If I told you what I’ve just been through, you’d think I were making it up just to make you feel better. You are not unseen, you are not unheard…

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