an ageless thing…

we spoke of age
and its
truely I believe you 
it doesn’t matter
it is such an ageless thing
a concept only formed to fit 
the rule-makers design
oft in the mind of the 
passionless and disenchated
I, having been one
my own victim 
to my own murderess ways
minimizing my potency
I lost my way for a long while
yet I’m awakened
finding my way back to me

There once was a man…
who wanted me


4 thoughts on “an ageless thing…

  1. Age is just a number… It is just a thought…. Relating loving someone does not see age as any factor… I am talking about true heart relation, soul love here… In this so called society now things are different and views are different… But for me how I see matters.


  2. You say there was once One… If once One he loved why did he have to go… Yes glad you feel you are awakening that is good for you…
    We get what we are…. So maybe time to lift yourself and see the real you…. So that you become love peace and attract love and peace

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