a cleansing…I am that of light

She has a difficult time
dropping that old language 
she struggles to learn a new dialect  
understand her forgotten language of esteem and gorgeous dreams
when did she give in to his abuse
let it perforate her self-love
She died again and again with each 
blow of words
assuming the names
as if they were a blade of truth 
how heavy the sheath 
weighing her down
her soul pressed into nothing
linger there she did long enough…

I am more than the 
ugliness of an abuser
I am more than being 
so easily dismissed
I am more than 
what they could ever give
more than what you’re willing
I am more than what you view
I am more than…
more than just enough
Either you see me in the stars
or you never will see I am
as that of light


2 thoughts on “a cleansing…I am that of light

  1. I am not my feelings. I am not my thoughts. I am not my body. I am a center of pure loving consciousness. Your comments reminded Me of this saying. You can substitute other words that you are not like I am not ugly, I am not anxious.

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